S.S.B.LAB, form Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, next to Tokyo. Founder Seijiro kagawa was effector enthusiast with Display habit, He always wanted to live surrounded by effectors.

He launched his own effector building business in 2012 when his son became an elementary school student.

He said to his son,”Dad will be in first grade with you! Let’s do it together!” He have changed his life at that time.

He said, ”When I lool back on my music and instruments work life, I had more interest in the Sound character that much with phrases, The guitar is just controller, The phrases are generated if I can find sound character.”

He was also musical studio staff, and he was asked how to use the effector for much better. Some customers asked him order made pedal at that time. Then, he started the effector building business in earnest.

He is proud that he can start his own business with his friends support, he also want to pay back these favor with his original and eccentric pedals.

S.S.B. means SOUND SYSTEM BUILDING, He is constantly studying to find better sounds.